Grades: 6-8

Welcome, 6th - 8th Grade Students!

Part of the Iredell-Statesville Schools strategic plan is to eliminate opportunity gaps. This can be accomplished with a virtual flexible learning environment. 

Our I-SSVA 6-8 academy is synchronous learning for math and English with asynchronous learning for all other subjects.  Teachers hold weekly office hours where students can login to ask questions and receive additional support.  We also require parental involvement, including parent provided transportation to the in-person testing sessions.   

We monitor student progress every 4 1/2 weeks by sharing progress reports and to make sure the student is progressing at an appropriate pace. An open line of communication between our teachers and our parents is an important part of how we can make this virtual learning experience successful.


What we need from our parents/guardians to help students be successful online learners:

  1. Will you ensure your student logs in and is active in each course for up to 60 minutes daily? 

  2. Will you ensure your student has a designated place to do schoolwork? (desk/table in a quiet area) 

  3. Will you support your student in the design of a daily learning schedule that allows for time to be spent in every class daily?

  4. Will you commit to providing transportation for required in-person testing? 

 What are the next steps? 

If you are ready to apply, simply follow the information below!  If you still have questions take time to explore the website and feel free to email or call with items you would like to discuss! 

Apply online!

We are no longer accepting applications for 2023-2024! You may now   apply  online for 2024-2025!  You can complete the application by following the 2 steps below!  Email  with application questions!   

STEP 1: The first step is to have your student complete  Student Readiness Assessment

STEP 2:  Once completed please click below for application submission. 

Application ISSVA Middle School