About Us

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Welcome to I-SS Virtual Academy K-12! 

"Meeting a Student's Flexible Learning Needs Through Virtual Instruction"

Our Mission:

I-SS Virtual Academy will challenge all learners to take responsibility for their learning achievement goals through building skills of independence and self-motivation leading to maturity and a natural curiosity of the world around them.

Our School: 

Iredell-Statesville Schools (I-SS) Virtual Academy serves grades K-12.  We are a virtual public school option within Iredell-Statesville Schools.  This option is best for the student that wants to work 100% virtually from home and not report daily to a brick-and-mortar school building or classroom.  Often students considering this option demonstrate a strong need for flexibility in their student schedule.  To be considered for this learning option, a student must complete an application process and be accepted.  Included in the application process is a review of past grades, past attendance, unique learner needs, and recommendation from the current school.  

This learning option provides real time, synchronous instruction for elementary  and middle school students through zoom and other conference tools and provides asynchronous flexible schedule courses for high school students.  It is our goal to provide quality virtual instruction! These courses are rigorous and align to the state curriculum.  All virtual students are expected to participate in face to face state assessments and meet state promotion guidelines.  Students that have the most successful virtual learning experiences are most often self-motivated and independent learners.  Space is limited in our school but we do offer a waitlist option.